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Tik Tok is awesome mobile app which became so popular. Millions of people use it every day, singing songs, dancing, just show their life. In this number of people becoming popular is very hard. Free TikTok followers are here. Getting real free followers is a hard work. You need to be special, need to show unique content and spend days on following other people to make them interested. In this Tik Tok tips website we’ll try to teach you how to start your adventure and how to become popular. We also help you to get thousands of fans by our system, you can read about getting free Tik Tok fans here.

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On our website you can see many important info about this app. We show you how the accounts look, what are badges for, how to publish content. But the most important this are useful tips, because thanks to them you can be more popular to First, let’s learn some more facts about Tik Tok and how to get free Tik Tok followers.

What is all about?

About music? Yes, but no only. is the online life šŸ˜‰ People share many different kind of stuff there. It’s lovely place for teens to show what they can, to share their talent or comedy. You should start publishing your content on If you don’t know how just read and learn how to make your first video.

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How old is ? Now, is connected to Tik Tok! – is a Chinese video social network app for video clip production, messaging, as well as live broadcasting. The very first prototype was launched in April 2014, and the main variation was introduced in August of that year. Through the app, users could create 15-second to 1 min videos and also choose sound tracks to accompany them, utilize different rate options (time-lapse, slow-moving, typical, quick, and also legendary) as well as add pre-set filters as well as impacts. The application additionally permits individuals to surf prominent “musers,” content, trending tunes as well as noises and also hashtags. The success key is to gain so manyĀ free fans. Then you go to the top and become really #popular.


Prior to introducing, Zhu and Yang teamed up to construct an education social network app, via which customers could both educate as well as find out different subjects with short-form videos (3– 5 mins long). The main concept was to create a system that includes songs and video in a social network. The very first variation of was formally released in August 2014.


In July 2016, got to 90 million downloads, with over 12 million new video clips posted every day.

In June 2016, Coca-Cola released its #ShareACoke campaign on, which presented’s “User-Generated Ads” version. On July 24, 2016, during VidCon, officially introduced, its brand-new live video streaming platform. This was planned to be a soft launch, as no additional marketing had actually been done for this new item, climbed up to the number one placement in the iphone App Store within 3 days.

On November 9, 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that Inc had actually agreed to be gotten by Bytedance Technology Co. for as much as US $1 billion. Bytedance runs the program Toutiao. Recode approximated that the sale would certainly be for around US$ 800 million. users and theirĀ free TikTok followers and likes

The most popular users have from 4 to 5 millions likes every day and over 20 million of fans. It’s incredible amount! Of course anybody can has this result, but it is not easy. It is hard work so we appreciate these famous people. Here you have top user:

Loren Gray –Ā  5.22m likes yesterday

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Real fans should be for free. It make no sense to buy it, I thank. We write clever followers tips, few ways how to gainĀ  free fansĀ so just sit and read. You should be happy about it, but remember, it is hard work to become #popular on

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