How to make duet on

how to make duets

As we said before duet is a great opportunity to gain fans and become more #popular. So We’ll try to explain you how to do it good. If you don’t know how to make your video read here first. Ok you can recording now. So you’d like to make duet video with someone who you knows in real.  Don’t worry, You do not have to sit at one table with someone to make a video with somebody.  Ok so let’s do it now.

Make your first duet video

To create duet with somebody you need to follow him/her and he/she needs to follow you. If this condition is fullfilled you can start making duet video with your friend

  1. First, open friend’s video which you’d like to make a duet
  2. Then, tap the arrow on the right

home to make duet on

3. Tap duet icon

home to make duet on

4. Choose what kind of video you’d like to make. You can choose between ‘montage’ and ‘split-screen’. First one is a mixed movie from your and your friend’s video, second one is two movies in the same time. You can try both and check what is better for you

home to make duet on

5. Then you can begin to record you video by holding recording button. When you finish, add your extras and check how the duet video looks like before you publish it. If everything satisfying you, just publish the video. Stop! Read some tips below before you publish, it will help you. duet


Some duets tips

We’ve learnt above how to make duet video. But you can help yourself and your friend get more like and follows before you publish video. You can read about getting fans here. These method + duets are very good for you and you will see how to get fans in these easy ways.

  • On the last step you need to add tags. Remember, more popular tags MUST BE added if you want get many likes. These are: #popular #talent #comedy #feature #boy #girl. 
  • When you see your video clip you need to see that it transforms in between your video as well as the other person’s. Then you could either conserve personal or upload the musical.
  • The lightning bolt button is so that you could see all your notices, that has actually followed you or liked your videos.
  • if there is a particular person/people you like you could place on article notices so it alerts you when they have published a brand-new
  • Second important thing is to share your video to instagram, more people will see it and visit your profile. Thanks to it you become more popular.
  • You can also visit movies similar to yours, from the same category I mean, then like and comment like: “great video, check mine duet [email protected].  IT REALLY HELPS!

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